Bendover local sex hook ups Victoria

bendover local sex hook ups Victoria

Not sure why you felt the need to tell me this but thanks? I love taking it and she loves giving it. Often in our group plays Ms Nik dissappears briefly only to make a grand entrence wearing her beloved strap on, looking to take on all cummers She gets incredibly turned on by the feeling of being the giver.

It wasn't until we got home to Melbourne that we discovered this, devistated. So, we're slowly rebuilding our collection but have yet to aquire a new harness, we have our fingers crossed Eva and AMM You should have called the hotel and asked for them back.

I would have lol. It's not like anyone else is going to want them The Ms in your profile is Smok'n' Hot! She could Peg me any day Michael xoxoxoxoxo. Hmmm, maybe I should do that for the "toy" I'm sure I left in Thailand: We do it and both love it. I leave him in a state of ecstasy shaking on the floor uncontrollably when I pump his nice little ass He even has his own profile on amm specifically for this where he is looking for ladies that would like to do this but cant find a guy who will let them.

His ultimate Pegging Fantasy is to be pegged while eating pussy or have 2 ladies take turns on him. So if you are interested in this come say hi Let the Pegging Begin: Been pegged couple of times and loved it would have it way more if i could find it.

I'd love to have 2 women have there way with me. What a fucked up world we live in Yes - what a time to be alive. Never fear, the Gaystapo are already beginning to overreach. There will be a pushback in the opposite direction. They won't be pleased but c'est la vie.

Yes - like the Gestapo but with rainbow flags,not swastikas. Join our "progressive" movement to fundamentally change the world's greatest civilization, or else you're a bigot. What shall we push for next - polygamous marriage? Paedophiles are just "born that way"? Look up the Overton Window and you'll see what I mean. You're the whole package. Best thing about the comments section is being able to weed out the "nope never evers" So I guess we should thank you for your service.

I have done it a few times now and am definitely eager for more. Totally agree with an enema being necessary beforehand, both for cleanliness and to free up space. You get some mind blowing orgasms.. Look at Doc Johnson, I got their plus size with a back support it will take even their 12" dildo you just have to have enough strength to lift it up.

Made out of webbing with padded back support and pull ties either side. So quick to get on and off. Sounds very exciting to me. I'm open to some mutual pegging if any Sydney girls like to play. Strange, but anal sex with a girl using a strap-on cock does precisely nothing for me, as a man.

Each to there own but the thought of being pegged,myself,does nothing for me. The only begrudgingly object i've had in my rectum,was from my addiction days,where i had to smuggle contraband into jail,end of story. Anyhow,perhaps it's more to the fact,that i prefer to please others,other than,someone pleasing myself. Again,each to there own.

I do love rimming a female though and giving anal,if that is,what she wants. I have been one that has always enjoyed playing with a mans prostate while worshipping his cock. I have owned regular sized strap-ons for a couple of years and a few men have trusted me to peg them. The pleasure of watching his enjoyment is awesome Recently though have progressed to bigger toys and really learning more about the giving of pleasure.

The sound of his moans as you slide into him is addictive as is the look and feel. Lol i am told that when you use anal grease to start with and put it around under the knob of the toy it gets in better, and when you think you have used enough lube add more Sounds very exciting to me, Sweetangelic3.

I'm open to some mutual pegging if you would like to play. What do you really feel??? I love prostrate milking, but having a cock in me, rubber or real, turns me fucking on. And that sweetangelic, is why we all love you darlink,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlick. I find anal very enjoyable and am not surprised that it can be enjoyable for men, as well.

However, I have never had a partner who was willing to give it a try. Lol i think many men will offer there services. I would love to try it with you I am not shy to try new and exciting things si would be happily a willing subject for you. Leolady has set off the male subs Tea Party lol. Privateer - why do you find it necessary to "label" everyone? Exploring one's sexuality and sensuality fully does not make one dom, sub, straight or gay - just adventurous.

You get to read "icky" opinions you may not agree with. As for me labelling others By their words ye shall know them. I enjoy being pegged. Not interested in a man having anal sex with me but with a woman I really enjoy it. Much of the pleasure for me is the enjoyment the woman gets as well as the slapping into my butt.

Internally I do not get much stimulation at all. I most enjoy it when the woman lifts my legs and I can look into her eyes as she takes me. I once was anally stimulated by a special vibrating toy. I orgasmed very strongly but did not ejeculate. I could not believe it when I looked down and saw I was dry after an explosive orgasm.

She proceeded to masturbate me and I came a bucketload and it was equally as strong. One very memorable experience. This is one of the most trusting things you can do as a couple and watching the smile on my friends as they peg me is nearly as stimulating as being pegged itself. I had the pleasure to have that experience and it was amazing: I've tried this with an adventurous guy..

I had to practice a bit to get the hang of thrusting, wrecking a few rock melons along the way.. I couldnt agree more Yes I must admit I love it too. And it is addictive. Shame there are two few women that like to do it to men. Nothing like being spit roasted by 2 women! I always thought pegging was when you put clothes pegs all over the body! I think the term pegging should be changed when it applies to strap ons. To confuse you further playing with clothes pegs in bdsm is actually referred to as zippering.

And the original meaning of the wording "pegging" was a pin of wood being fitted or driven into something so it actually makes total sense: It is the best orgasm I have had Fun, sexy, and role reversal Shame most are scared or assume one is bi or gay.. I'm not scared, nor do I assume one is bi if they dig it: It's just not something that turns me on nor would it.

I'm aware men are aroused in that area though: Only thing tricky about it is finding suitable playmates lol. But then to each their own. Agree with both of you, littlehottie22 and shagus5.

If they're really into each other, not just anally but as people, the anticipation, knowing they both love it Only one thing once you have been analy penertrated you will need it for ever it is highly addictive whether its a girl with strapon on a guy.

Yes i like giving and taking. Anal orgasm can be intense. In a MMF situation The guys can please the woman and each other as well. The pleasure on the guys face is more than enough to please me. Not everyone's cuppa tea but don't knock it till you try it. Definatly go for quality. Although I do believe that if a man wants regular anal play he should go buy his own that he would like used on him.

Maybe being ' bi ' helps ; , no desire to strap on a fake cock ;. I guess the key words here are "Everyone is different" and what works for one may not be great for another. No different to some females who may not necessarily enjoy all forms of sex let alone be able to climax. I'm not professing to be an expert by any means, but in saying that, I have had some partners who have made to whole experience so fantastically enjoyable, just using their finger and others that want to punish you by shoving a dildo in bigger than your manhole is without any persuasion or build up Slow and easy is the key.

We are here to enjoy the moment, not be turned off. Will be pleased to accommodate you No pressure on the partner if they're not interested or turned off. They should enjoy themselves as much as yourself. Thoroughly enjoyed being with her, including receiving anal. Ladies, I am straight but I'd be happy to be your test subject: I let my gf finger me and wow it's the best thing ever now I'm wanting to try a strap on just have to get one.

Not interested in doing that to anyone, I understand men dig it but not my cup of tea: It's not gay if a girl does it to a man? Yep, keep those hamsters spinning. Never said it was 'gay ' just said it's not my thing: I was agreeing with you Mel. Should have put it as a stand alone post,not a reply Wow I have never tried it ,but it sounds like fun?? Are there any female volunteers to show me what it's all about DD?? Sign into post your comment! SirMasseur More than a month ago Wow!

Matchless More than a month ago May I share a funny and true story? EvaLuna77 More than a month ago The homophobic putdowns of this practice are illogical and stupid.

GirlFever More than a month ago What about from someone like me? Roblea More than a month ago I wasn't sure about this when my wonderful man first asked but I seriously enjoy watching him when I do this to him BabygrlAphrodit More than a month ago I love pegging men!!!! Account Closed More than a month ago wow that is hot.. OCDevious More than a month ago Ever since discovering prostate massage and the insanely intense orgasms that come with it, I have been very interested in pegging with a woman: BuffandMuff More than a month ago We have dabbled but will be giving this a good go tonight Wantmorethanus2 More than a month ago I have tried it with a couple of men over the years.

Hotbod4 More than a month ago You can peg me when ever you want. Account Closed More than a month ago Mate, there is nothing wrong with being gay. Editor More than a month ago Watched a great video from a sex therapist yesterday entitled "your anus doesn't have a sexual orientation".

Account Closed More than a month ago Yeah well if you like it, I'm not judging you on your sexual orientation. Account Closed More than a month ago You are so far wrong with your comment matey, if you want to be gay then be it, but if you look into it more or even ask your doctor like we did, the male G-Spot is in his arse.

Roblea More than a month ago Sorry bab you r closed minded. Saucysiren69 More than a month ago This is something I would love to try. DeerPool More than a month ago Oh such fun. Account Closed More than a month ago So sorry your sex life is that boring. BiMelbGuy2 More than a month ago guys try pegging, it definitely worth it, then once you are comfortable with it try the real thing. Account Closed More than a month ago Couldn't agree more.

Fellator More than a month ago It is something that I would like to experience. If you don't ask, you don't get. Account Closed More than a month ago But Leolady More than a month ago Intuitive, maybe, but not fecking mind-readers!

Account Closed More than a month ago I can't, no. Account Closed More than a month ago I'd never do it, it's not something I'd be comfortable doing and to be honest wouldn't turn me on one bit: Account Closed More than a month ago lol. Leolady More than a month ago Hear, hear - nothing "unmanly" about exploring your sexuality. Joeee01 More than a month ago very interesting , hard to find a woman like this who values a mans butt: XDressinKink More than a month ago best feeling one can have.

Account Closed More than a month ago An even better feeling is eating pussy while being ass fucked but a hot minx with a strap-on. Account Closed More than a month ago We might seem hard to find but when you do you always remember us lol xoxoxoxoxoxoxo. Account Closed More than a month ago I found her: Account Closed More than a month ago guys that are penetrated understand more of what it's like to receive so it allows them to become better givers which in turn better lovers That's just an opinion my man.

Account Closed More than a month ago A horse would give a more informed opinion on other horses if it could talk. Account Closed More than a month ago It's called "refutation".

Account Closed More than a month ago You should have called the hotel and asked for them back. MickBarbi More than a month ago We do it and both love it. Account Closed More than a month ago Been pegged couple of times and loved it would have it way more if i could find it. Deleteingmy More than a month ago "These excuses not to try are sad and irksome for a few reasons, the first being that it shouldn't actually matter one little bit if you are gay, or someone thinks you're gay" now straight people are being discriminated for not trying to be gay.

Account Closed More than a month ago Yes - what a time to be alive. Leolady More than a month ago "Gaystapo"??? My name is years old from Curridabat looking for a great time I Like to go to the beach or mountain,very fit,smart and gorgeous.

Lets get to know one another Newly single black woman looking for a feminine or androgynous woman whos real, authentic and down to earth. I love a person that can hold a deep intellectual conversation, play board games, go to art shows, the movies or just chill at the beach. Looking for someone fun, spontaneous, and doesnt take themselves to seriously. Im originally from the Midwest I love life and every little thing about it.

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Bendover local sex hook ups Victoria Lonely wife want real sex Berlin I need a real woman for real sex. If they're really into each other, not just anally but as people, the anticipation, knowing they both love it Anal orgasm can be intense. Account Closed More than a month ago So sorry your sex life is that boring. Account Closed More than a month ago Count me in. Enjoy Casual Sex In Nanaimo. I wanna make your pussy quiver.