Craigslist nsw confessions of a prostitute

craigslist  nsw confessions of a prostitute

Results 1 to 30 of Confessions of a Craigslist slut Part of me wants to believe a man wrote this posing as a woman, but at the same time there are lots of dirty hos out there: People enjoy my optimistic, happy go lucky attitude. My sense of humor, all be it unique, has offered many laughs, sore bellies, and tired cheeks; life tends to be a perpetual comedy show from my perspective.

In my career I have grown quickly within organizations, my natural leadership qualities pulling me to the top as if floatation devices in the sea of corporate bliss are attached to my work product. Throughout my years I have changed my own flat tire, babysat children, fixed the kitchen sink plumbing, hugged my mother and father, renovated a house, cleaned toilets, supported my brother and sister, tended to a garden, bantered with the neighbors, dressed up for a night at the theatre, and spent time at professional networking events.

Only I know the truth. Some of them are not even close to what their pictures represent. Some of them are weirdos, complete effing weirdos and some of them are your average American males. One guy shaved his entire body, entirely. One guy probably never trimmed his pubs once in his life. One man I met had a huge cock, but could not keep it up and hard when it came to actually inserting it into my pussy. He preferred to jerk off and have me watch.

Amusingly I watched, and let him cum on my face. I found this weird, but he got off, so I let him think I was having as much fun as he was. Another man I met for drinks and he went down on me in the parking lot.

He could also lick pussy. One man photographed and sketched me. Another man I met had the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve. Oh my god, this is really going to happen! We made out like we were lovers in love; his touch was electrifying. He is now a Top 5 Pussy Licker in my book of lovers. Met one guy for drinks, he took me back to his place and never laid a hand on me. As I was getting up to go he attempted to make out; I told him not to wait until I was leaving next time.

He smelled so good I went to work the next day without showering so I could get a whiff of his man scent throughout the day. His pheromones were so strong I can still get wet thinking about how fantastic he smelled. I would have made him my n. One guy loved nylons, so I wore a short skirt with thigh highs and let him finger me under the table at a busy restaurant; no one suspected a thing, except the waiter who winked at me on my way out the door.

One guy just wanted to give me a massage; so I let him. It was so good I sucked the cum right out of his cock as a thank you. Burned many a calorie. It has been an educational experience to say the least. Why does the number bother you? Most of them are just really, really, really lonely. That was most of the clients. A lot of men view it as a hobby this could apply to any guy listed above , and use it to try out different girls and kinds of sexuality.

Those were the men I usually found pathetic. A lot of those men viewed the girls as products, and not as humans. They viewed us workers as ice cream flavors basically. It was like they skipped over the idea that I was a person, and that I was just something you ordered off of a menu. It was hard to deal with, as it was a constant every day thing. I could never lose the human aspect of it. I could never get past the fact that we were people but yet treated like varying flavors or paint samples.

So much was asked of me, but if something small of me was wrong I was shamed for it. Some people are capable of getting that, I am not one of those types. Scariest experience is by far the jesus freak. When I just joined the forum, a man wanted to see me at 2am.

I stay up late playing videogames, so I figured I could just pause FO3, do the job, and go back to shooting ghouls. I was very wrong. He was very fat, very gross and unclean.

His hair was kinda dreading and he smelled awful. He was very much homeless or crazy. I hate myself for doing so. He stood in my doorway and started to sob and told me I needed Jesus. I was hoping it would help He started rambling, and when he flailed his arms up in the air I saw a gun on his hip. I stayed cool somehow, and told him calmly to leave as I was tired. He look beyond furious when I did, got purple in the face and starting shaking.

I started backing up to my bedside table for my knife, but he stormed out. I lived on the first floor of this building and and my window faced a parking lot. He stood in that parking lot for 4 hours, calling my phone like crazy and sometimes came up to my window and tapped on it. When I first saw him standing there, I grabbed my laptop and hid in my bathroom and sat on tumblr until the sun was starting to rise.

He was still there, but walking away. I cancelled all appointments made for that day, and asked around with his username and phone number. Apparently he does this to all new girls, and works at a church near my house. I saw him a month later working at a downtown homeless food giveaway. He told me he jerked off when he went home. When doing fetish requests, I refused refused refused to do any sort of underage role play, or incest role play.

I flat out refused every time. I have a really young face, so I was also asked to be a 14 year old for sessions and the like. My favorite was the guys who just wanted to worship you. That was mostly the whole session with the lonely guys. Oral sex on me. I usually only orgasm from boyfriends. The few times I came from a client I cried hysterically when they left. But it hurt to get off. I got them off, they got to play around with my body in order to get off.

I caused a man very painful wounds and a divorce. He bled all over the place. He loved the session. He went home with the biggest smile on his face. But a few weeks later, he posted on the forum asking for divorce help. I messaged him, and I guess the guy thought the marks would be gone within a few hours even though I told him I was going to cause scars. I feel bad about it. He was a good guy. I do look back and feel shame for this.

I hurt his wife so badly. I should have stopped whacking him. The internet is considered private, so it was perfectly legal to advertise online. So to be safe, if a man started to ask about my rates in my apartment I would ask him to leave. The police had set up an agreement with one hotel in downtown to do monthly raids.

We all knew which hotel it was, and the moment a bunch of girls kept getting calls to it, the news was posted pretty quickly. They did this cycle where they got two rooms with the connecting doors. They brought in a girl on every half hour, and after arresting her they brought her into the next room then waited for the next girl. Even if the news was posted, so many girls were so desperate they took the risk.

I avoided the law by being paranoid. If I had the slightest hunch over messaging, emails, phone calls or in person, I stopped anything. But I never ever got fined or arrested. AND this is the first thing you do. It was always the same hotel as talked about below.

: Craigslist nsw confessions of a prostitute

Escorts and babaes home prostitutes He was a weird guy and when he came into my apartment he told me that I could either do it for free the easy way or the hard way it was honestly that lame of a line and I was all like bring it on. But that was just me trolling craigslist. I saw him a month later working at a downtown homeless food giveaway. Originally Posted by SwayWay. The "real" craigslist is a sexy yet filthy place where open-minded means DTF.
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Craigslist nsw confessions of a prostitute

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VIP ESCORT TOP  ESCORTS Suddenly my vision began to spin as we jumped in a aussie flings escourt services and appeared at the nicest hotel in town. AND this is the first thing you. I should have stopped whacking. T was packed up and trying to hustle us out of bed. Lets say a girl goes home with a guy once a week from a club that already adds up to 50 in 1 year. I was hoping it would help He started rambling, and when he flailed his arms up in the air I saw a gun on his hip. All you do is hurt the workers, the clients.