Define no strings attached aussie sex sites

define no strings attached aussie sex sites

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After that absolute crap. False profiles, prostitutes and slags! Write a review on ProductReview. Can't delete pictures or even account. Login problems, password not valid constantly. Can't login with new password as that's invalid too. Recently redone and better than ever. I recently rejoined this site after seeing that they updated to a completely new redesign. It looks great and I was surprised to see it is still free to use. It has a much easier to use interface and you can search for people in your area by distance that are online and it shows them in a big list.

They have apps too but can't comment as I am not using them. Don't understand the bad reviews. Joined a few weeks ago and it's been pretty good! In that time I've met 2 girls one is far away so just Skype sex with her and I've met a local girl as well for some casual fun: I did get a lot of no replies but I kept trying and bang it happened.

I think people just need to be a bit more patient and some manners go a long way fellas: And I don't know if there is anything they can do. Joined and couldn't even get to the viewing stage. What an embarrassment for a dating site. Just the way the rest of Australia is going. Aussies can't even sign up on new android! Upon hitting the "register"button, on an Australian mobile phone and as an Aussie, you get the message line "You cannot register, this site is for Australians only".

You mean like people on Optus mobile phones? Dimwitted to the extreme. Probably designed by hipsters. Beware of no strings dating site.

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