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: Escorts agency craig list

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Escorts agency craig list I sent him a series of incrementally more revealing photos with the head cropped off -- a virtual strip tease. I just wanted a few good regular clients. Had to read this twice to read it correctly. When he asked to see my face, I told him that I'd have to talk to him on the phone. They freaking shot at me! Do you ever get tips from the working girls?
Free personals private girls escorts Victoria I have an S-corp registered as a marketing agency. I treated it as an extension of dating. It ended up being a big fiasco because my partner was a 2 striker. Originally I had it has an incall, where you rent rooms and have jons come to the room. This is where I made the most money. Something uncommon that plays a central role in your life, or A truly interesting and unique event.


I left the room. For employment we call on a verifiable employment line and ask for. Do you and the girls have health insurance through the company? If you're desperate and you need girl then call 4 different girls down off backpage and send them to a house across the street. No sex or anything is mentioned on the site or on the phone. Do you ever get tips from the working girls? No idea why he called us.

Let me give you an example: A guy in Santa Ana, CA allowed news reporters into his dispensary- http: Although it was a different type of business it was still straddling the line between legal and illegal. Oh yeah and I know these two: I have the time to do whatever I want. I spend most of my day mountain biking if I'm not in school.

I don't have the restrictions of a job. If you do, do they know about this? If you don't how you handle telling them about you job or would you simply let it remain a mystery? Also, it's not like I'm around these girls constantly.

I am hoping to transition out of this business. I've gotten into building lead generation sites so hopefully I can be out in a the next few years. How do you deal with the possibilities of STDs? Are the girls tested regularly? Are Jon's always required to use condoms? If a girl has a major STD, do you stop employing her?

I don't get involved with that aspect of their job. Unfortunately in this country where prostitution is illegal, there's no form of mandated drug tests. All the girls usually ask the Jon's to wear a condom but, again, I don't get into matter that close with the girls. Therefore, I would not know if she had an STD or not I do know two guys that were pimping out a girl with herpes. And they knew about it. I started my agency with two boost mobile phones back when craigslist ads were free.

How old are you? Not quite but every girl wants it to be like that. Unfortunately I dont' deal exclusively with high end clientele although that's where I'm trying to move towards but it's not easy. Not really, look at when the questions started rolling in 20 minutes ago. I didn't get any questions for 3 hours so I figured nobody was interested. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Do customers get to pick a girl from a bunch of photos or do they describe what they like and send one out based on that?

I'd rather not get into the tax aspect of it too much but just think how you would handle k cash off the books. I look down on those guys. I've ran into so many of them and they're a bunch of punks. They've brought their girls in with bruises on them and offered to have them work for me but I pay my cut to them.

I've also had guys that want to work as drivers for and try to steal my girls. I can usually spot them from a mile away. I'm usually very leery of most of these guys that drive girls around anyway.

Usually they can't get laid so they pick up this job in hopes of getting lucky. The only movie that came close was a Korean movie called "chaser. I also own several websites doing lead generation for unrelated businesses. So I'm constantly forwarding e-mails, texts, etc.

Plus girls always call me like I'm their priest and tell me all their problems at 2 in the morning. I know a few agencies that do but it's because they have insane overhead, force the girls to charge everything to credit card no cash , and tax the shit out of them. Richest client I had was worth mil saw him on wikipedia. No idea why he called us. He was a good looking guy too. I've had two mma fighters, quite a few musicians that you'd recognize, a few actors, and one of my favorite nfl players.

The actor was actually on one of my favorite shows and it sucked that he was such an asshole in real life. The mma fighters have always been real cool although their entourage was real douchey. Musicians have alll been assholes for the most part.

Only 3 girls on my website are the "real" pictures. Usually when they pick a girl I have to send someone that looks like that. They're hot so when they show up and it's not the girl in the picture the client really doesn't mind.

Many times they're hotter. It sucks running it like this but the real deal is most girls don't want their pictures on a website. We'll text each other if there's a sting operation at a particular hotel but they're my competition and I want to put them out of business. It's rare but I did hire one girl before who had just gotten divorced from her dude that she met on the job. Apparently she caught him cheating on her lol.

By fishy I mean if she's acting "tweaky" or if we book the appt and she says "oh I only got this much from him. They're are at the bottom of the totem pole and are a dime a dozen. If I put one hiring ad on backpage for drivers I get 50 e-mails and phone calls for weeks. Usually they get fired for a few reasons: The driver has very strict protocol they have to follow i.

We lose money on lost appts. Brought 3 girls out there and 2 friends. Good times good times. But good idea I'll plan one this year. One client did offer one of the girls that uncovered no rubber. She was a former playboy model and he had been following her career. Does that escort driver from the other ama seem legit? Cause being a driver sounds pretty awesome.

He's legit but I would never hire him. Maybe things are a lot easier in canada too. You have a lot of problems to deal with as a driver. Some girls have rough nights and you're driving around all night and not getting paid. You're not grossed out by how many questionable dudes they fuck? Your partner must be a real dumbass to have two strikes and continue to commit crimes in a 3-strikes state.

WTF is he thinking? He didn't know he had 2 strikes. Thought he only had one. They made him sign a deal when he was 18 where they cut his sentence short but he had to sign for an additional strike. He picked up two strikes in one case which is entirely possible out here. How do I get into this business?

I've been involved in a number of rather unscrupulous grey-market businesses and this sounds fun, interesting, different. Could you give a little bulleted, pragmatic advice and steps on how to get started?

I'm going back to grad school and the extra cash would be great. Would also be nice to put the drug trade completely behind me. Drug trade is shitty. The only type that's semi legal is marijuana and that's got a lot of competition. You can message me if you're interested. What's your relationship with the women like? Would you consider yourself to be friends with them, or is it more of a professional relationship. Why do they get into it?

Professional with some, closer with some other girls. Some girls I find stuff about them I really like and even after they get out of the business we still talk. I would care a little but it wouldn't be THE defining characteristic. I'd be more concerned with how she is as a person Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Want to add to the discussion? What do you take in as profit monthly? How does that exchange work and how do the girls get paid? And how do you file taxes? Please have a witty name. Or a good slogan. I dont want to post either here though. A discount for Redditors isn't out of the question? Are you afraid of being caught? How many hours do you put in?

What do you say your profession is on your tax returns? Do you have a day job? How do you find the girls for this?

How about gross ones? I guess when you deal with this for so long you get a bit jaded. To be honest, this business does have it's shitty parts but I try to laugh it off I guess That is so cool. You're my new hero. Call me closed minded, but I don't want his kind practicing law in this country. If so, what did you do? Had to read this twice to read it correctly. I am in San diego and heard about folks going across to TJ for that kind of thing. Are there ways to know what is police and what is not?

I said this too. Do you mean you sent proof to the mods? Wouldn't it get you more customers? Thanks for this interesting IAmA. And that's why you always wear a rubber. How much money do you make in a year? How much do your girls make in a year? Do you know of any in Denver? Would these women look more at home at the Ritz-Carlton or a Hilton Hotel? Have you seen any movies that come close to accurately depicting how your business is run? Do you have a criminal record?

When you go on vacation do you have to leave you phone on in case something goes wrong? I wrote to Craig Newmark. He assured me that Craigslist would be more vigilant in removing misplaced ads. But for some reason, after that, I kept looking at the erotic services section. I never would have expected it, but reading the ads had begun to turn me on.

I just want to pause here in part because I can already hear the voices of my detractors and also because I don't want to appear insensitive to any human suffering. I recognize that I'm a privileged, educated woman who could have done many things for a living, but opted to do sex work largely because it was exciting to me.

I recognize that there are women who do it reluctantly and out of necessity. I recognize that there are also women who are forced into doing it. I recognize that violence against sex workers and indeed against all women is a real threat and a dark shame.

However, this piece is not about that; this is about me. And what happened to me during the fall of was that boundaries I had heretofore firmly established and carefully guarded were becoming blurred.

The combination of financial need, dissatisfaction with my love life, sexual frustration and some age-old fantasy that was stirred up in me from God-only-knows-where was taking over. The first time I had sex with a client it was entirely unpremeditated.

A runner training for the New York Marathon, he'd come for what I thought would be a therapeutic massage. I was encouraged when he'd contacted me. I already had a number of regular clients who were distance runners and I found them to be very reliable -- the best of my clients. He was trim, nice looking, clean-cut, but seemed a little nervous as I led him into my apartment.

I tried to crack a couple jokes to set him at ease, then instructed him to disrobe and get onto the massage table -- underneath the towel, face down.

The usual massage therapist schpeil. I left the room. When I returned he was in position, so I began to massage him. I moved the towel out of the way and tucked it in slightly to cover his buttocks.

Then I honed in on his legs since, from my experience with runners, legs are usually the trouble spot. His were long, lean, well-muscled. But instead of relaxing, he continued to seem uncomfortable, squirming a little on the table, shifting his head in the face cradle. Perhaps I had been spending too much time on his legs.

I began to massage his back and then his arms. But when I started to work on his hands, he suddenly grabbed mine and clasped them in his. Now, it's not like anything like this had never happened to me before, but ordinarily I would have quickly diffused the situation.

What made it different this time was that a little jolt of sexual arousal had seized and overwhelmed me. Maybe I had been thinking about it too much, maybe I had actually already unconsciously resolved that I would do it, but the next thing I knew, I was on the table, naked and he was massaging me. When it was time for him to leave, he asked me how much he owed me. Now it was my turn to feel uncomfortable.

I knew that I had given him extra, a lot extra although we didn't have intercourse and I wanted extra. But I was too ashamed to ask for it. It had been easy, pleasurable even. I would move on from there to greater and greener pastures.

I read the erotic services section almost everyday, until I found an ad I wanted to answer, an ad for an ongoing arrangement. He was offering a very tidy sum: I figured I had nothing to lose so I answered it, almost expecting to not hear back. When I did, I was floored. We had an email exchange over the course of the next few days. He wrote that although he was for the most part happily married, his relationship lacked "passion" and "eroticism.

I became even more intrigued. I sent him a series of incrementally more revealing photos with the head cropped off -- a virtual strip tease. When he asked to see my face, I told him that I'd have to talk to him on the phone first.

He called from a real number, his work phone. The conversation reminded me of conversations I'd had during my internet dating days: I told him about some of my art and writing projects.

We agreed that we would meet in public first and if I felt comfortable, I would give him a therapeutic massage. Through our communication, I'd grown comfortable enough with him to invite him over. I fretted all day and changed my outfit several times in anticipation of his arrival.

When I opened the door, he had a jacket draped over his arm and bemused expression on his face. He was in his mids, very conservative looking, wearing a pin-striped oxford shirt and tidy, pleated khaki trousers.

At first I couldn't tell if he thought I was more or less beautiful than he'd imagined I'd be. But as we settled in to what would become our customary positions in my living room, I knew from the intensity of his gaze that I had him "hooked. In a sense, I was "hooked" too. He was, although pleasant looking and mild-mannered, a little bit dull.

But I loved playing the seductress, I loved feeling him in my power. Exciting him excited me. The fantasy spurred me on.

We talked for a fairly long time and by the time we got down to the nitty gritty, I was very aroused. He gave me a huge orgasm, then a huge wad of bills. When he left, I was incredulous at my good fortune. Alan came to see me once or twice a week for a couple of months and then without warning stopped calling. I never knew why he'd lost interest, but I found myself a little distressed: